My Unusal Cards

Here are some links to u tube and blog tutorials I have used to make the base of my cards and then decorated them to my own style. I hope you will find this list helpful!

Many of my followers have been wanting this list for some time so I have decided to catalog my unusual cards in this way, so you can have a easy link to the card tutorials.

I will be adding to this list on a regular basis!

The link to the tutorials are located under each card - have fun!


Front Acetate Card

Link to the Acetate Front Card Tutorial

Easel Drawer Card

I was fortunate that my dad made the drawer for me, so it is a lot more sturdy than making it with card stock - there is a link below for making one with card stock - it still gives you the effect of the Drawer Easel card that any little girl would love!

Link to Easel Card Drawer Tutorial

Double Roll Easel Card with Pocket Insert


Link to Easel Card Tutorial

Centre Step Card

S Fold Card

Card Closed
Link to Gatefold Easel Card Tutorial

Single Twisted Easel Card

Link to Single Twisted Easel Card

Trifold Shutter Card

Link to Trifold Shutter Card Tutorial

Triple Twisted Easel Card

Card in a Box

and the second link is for a smaller size Card in a Box personally I prefer the larger version!

Triple Easel Card

Card Folds - Various Different Card Folds!

Here is a  link to basic cardfolds I came across - you may find it useful.

Spellbinders Hinged Card

Double Shutter Card - Aka Double Display Card

Gatefold Card with Variation

Card Closed with a Ribbon at the right side!
Card Opened

Link to Gatefold with Variation Tutorial

Criss Cross Card

Double Pocket Card

Double Gatefold Card

Twisted Card Fold

link to blog coming soon


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    1. Thank You Bonnie, I haven't heard from you for ages. just going over my blog and trying to get back into some crafting. I have had a utube channel as well for the last 2 years. Angexx

  2. Fantastic Ange! I will have to check out some of these! x

    1. Thank You Julie, I am getting back into my cards now and have been busy with my utube channel for the last 2 years. We are off in our motorhome in a couple of months. Not sure how sucessful I will be blogging on the road. ha ha Angexxx

  3. Hi Ange, you know tonight is the first night I have actually taken time out and looked over your amazing Blog.
    You have done a fantastic job with this Blog ~ it is a credit to you. I just hope my Blog will one day look like yours.
    its absolutely superb and very very informative. I love the idea of all of the different card shapes and tutorials etc. Well done ~ you are amazing.

    1. Hi Annette I was just going over my blog and saw your comment from 2014, thank you so much. I must get back into some of these more than one folds cards. Angexxx