My Tips and Techniques

On this page I am going to be adding some ideas, techniques and tips as I come across them doing my Cards and Scrap book Layouts. Please leave any tips you would like to share in the comments section at the bottom of this post and I will add them for everyone to try.

I will add tips here on a regular basis as I discover something new!


  1. Coloring flowers and lace to get that exact color needed - When I can't find the color of a flower I need for a layout, I always make sure I have some white or cream flowers on hand and you can color them with the Stampin' Up! Spritzers filled with Ink using your reinkers in your spritzer bottles. This works well with lace and ribbon as well. This way you will get the exact color you are after.
  2. Gloss finish on your rolls - When I am tearing my paper I always apply 2 or 3 coats of Stampin' Up! Crystal effects on the opposite side of the paper and when dry it will leave a lovely glossy glass effect. When you roll your tears back it not only reveals the pattern on the opposite side by has a lovely gloss on your rolls.
  3. Tearing Technique - You can use a tearing ruler or just tear the paper as you wish, ink your teared edges with an ink pad. 
  4. Making a pocket - to make a pocket on the inside of your cards or on your Scrap book Layouts just cut a corresponding piece of paper in a triangle and make sure it fits in the corner or where you want to put it and most importantly only put tape on the 2 straight sides then when you apply it to your project you will have a handy pocket. This can be used to put your journal tab or a letter in.
  5. Band for your cards - when I make heavily embellished cards and to keep them closed I usually make a band to go around my cards. These can be made with card stock but I find the easiest way is a nice ribbon or lace with a flower adhered to the join.
  6. Adding dimension to your project - With my scrap book pages I like to add some modelling paste, my latest discovery is if you lay down some adhesive mesh(mine had square holes) then heavily apply the modelling paste with a scraper and while still wet peel the mesh off very carefully not to disturb the modelling paste. This will leave a lovely textured effect. I then either apply some paint or just spray wit my color mist of choice.
  7. Adding dimension inside your pockets - I like to tear and make my pockets at the top or side of my scrap book layout and then to add a further dimension I like to do a cluster of small flowers inside the pocket and let them spill over the pocket onto my page.
  8. Designing your cluster of flowers - when you do a cluster of flowers try using different sized flowers, plan your arrangement of cluster of flowers before gluing them. I try and use at least 4-5 different sized flowers for a cluster.
  9. Journalling - Try typing your journalling message and print it off on vellum paper, add's some class to any layout or card.
  10. How to make a roll on your layout or card - Tear your paper which ever way you like to using a tearing ruler or just tear the page as desired, now, to make the roll just use the smallest paintbrush you have on hand and roll the paper with the paint brush in the direction you want the roll to sit. It is important to keep the paper tight when rolling with the paintbrush, when you have finished rolling just slide the paint brush out very carefully not to upset your roll. You may need to fiddle with it a bit to get it exactly how you would like it. You can re roll till you have the desired effect.
  11. Make 2 easel cards using 3 Square Cards and no measuring - easy!

    1. You have 3 Square cards, cut one card in half this will be the easel front of your cards so you have two fronts. 
    2. Now, with the other 2 cards you just fold one side of the card in half vertically this will give you the easel card -if you do this to the 2 cards left this will give you the base for your easel cards.
    3. Then you just glue one of your pieces from the card you cut in half onto the front of your card - you should have 2 easel cards ready to embellish.


  1. The photo is not coming up for me, darn it. Thanks for all of the tips.