Sunday, October 4, 2015

I Achieved It! Mediterranean Cruise

If you have ever thought of joining Stampin' Up! now is the time, we have just began our new Stampin' Up! Year from the 1st October. It is such a exciting time to take advantage of the full year to achieve wonderful achievements as I have in the last year. It is a great way to receive 20% off all your orders and have the opportunity to receive some free gifts along the way. You can just join as a hobby and put in your own orders or if you want to make a small business venture doing something you love to do the opportunities are endless. You don't have to do classes, workshops or sell to other ladies or gents, you are free to just place your orders each month to achieve the generous 20% off. What have you got to loose, nothing, just receive some awesome products that you will absolutely love.

If you join my team I will join you to my private facebook group for my customers and ladies that have joined my team. I only joined last October and have never regretted it for one moment. If you would like to join my team and live in Australia please CLICK HERE! or contact me for more information at

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You never know what it could lead to in 12 months time, I would of  never thought I would of achieved this wonderful cruise fully paid for by Stampin' Up!

Happy Crafting!


    Congrats Ange, well deserved.
    Well done.